M&L Profiled in Art New England Magazine

“One of SoWa’s newest galleries, Matter & Light Fine Art, assumes the art that matters most goes straight –without theory, irony, or decorum—to the raw, unruly heart of the human condition. Ian Marcus Corbin came to found Matter & Light in April 2016 by an unusual route. Corbin, who’s completing a dissertation at Boston College, teaches philosophy at Northeastern. He came to selling contemporary art by talking his way into a gallery on Newbury Street, where eventually he met an entrepreneur who offered to fund a partnership venture in Boston’s South End.

The gallery’s name reflects a reading of art (and hence, of humanity) as compounded of matter (the chthonic, of the gross earth) on one hand, and light (metaphysics, the spiritual) on the other. Many of Matter & Light’s sculptures and paintings display unrefined, deeply tactile surfaces, where clay, metal, wood or paint can become alchemical prima material, standing in for the primal matter of life.”






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