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Bahar Ejtemaei - Female Artists, Iranian Artists, ExpressionismBahar Ejtemaei (Iranian, b. 1985) grew up in Mashhad, Iran and now resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Her passion for painting was sparked during her teen years, and she studied painting at the Art Faculty of Guilan University in Rasht, Iran. After receiving her BA in painting, she moved to the US, where she hopes to continue her academic studies. Her works have been widely exhibited in Iran.

Ejtemaei is fascinated with aged buildings and physical atmospheres. She works from photographs, transposing the images onto her canvases through drawing, painting lines of color, and allowing her imagination to dance freely. Her work is a combination of intention and chance, reality and fantasy, striving to breathe life into these images, identifying what remains constant through the passage of time and the decay of physical materials. Ejtemaei has had the chance to live in both East and West, and in her painting, she finds a language that is common to all human beings, a universal bridge to connect people’s hearts regardless of where they come from.

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