Concerning the Spiritual in Abstract Art

November 18 - December 31, 2016 Request information about this piece


A group exhibition featuring work from Willem de Kooning, John Walker, Bill Jensen, Natalie Edgar and many more, on view from Nov. 18 – Dec. 31

Spiritual ambition in art is nothing new. From the myriad, worldwide traditions of sacred art to Hegel’s assertion that the true content of art is “the Divine, the deepest interests of mankind, and the most comprehensive truths of the spirit,” many artists have understood their vocation as that of mediator between spirit and matter. Historically, most visual art has been in some degree mimetic, and sacred art is no exception.

However, beginning with Wassily Kandinsky’s pioneering work in pure abstraction and his theorizing about “The Spiritual in Art,” many of the most spiritually ambitious visual artists of the modern age have found that their ambitions are best served by the stripped down, elemental language of abstraction. This type of ambition motivated many of the Abstract Expressionist painters who rose to prominence in mid-century New York, and it motivates many visual artists working in 2016.

The question is: why? Why might an artwork of abstracted color, texture, shape, etc. be a better vehicle for the exploration of spiritual realities than a picture of a real-world thing? To explore this question, Matter & Light is hosting a broad-ranging group show of established and emerging artists whose spiritual concerns have motivated them to work in an abstract vein.



Matter & Light is delighted to host “Regenesis”, a performance by the Chimera New Music Collective

The evening will feature performances by The Honors Quartet and The Inner Ear Trio with special guests C. Neil Parsons and Lauren Cook, performing Works by Brahms, Debussy, Fossier, Harbison, and Erickson…

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