James Kinny: Roil & Hush

May 05 - June 01, 2017 Request information about this piece


The thick, rich surface of James Kinny’s work serves as a sort of visual journal. Through sensitive handling of color and texture, Kinny crafts tactile explorations of thought and emotion, building them over time into a subtle, varied landscape of human experience. Anxiety, rage and mourning coexist with consolation, joy and rationality, as they do in every full human life.

Kinny’s latest body of work maps his gut level distress at a political culture gone haywire, married to a mature determination to live and love well, even – especially – in tumultuous times. It is a rare thing in 2017 – art that is politically earnest and honest, without indulging in puerile, partisan shrieking. Instead, Kinny offers a wise and patient topography of that messy, elusive thing: reality.


Opening Reception Friday May 5th, 7pm-10pm


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