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April 01 - May 15, 2016 Request information about this piece


The human figures which grace Joshua Meyer`s canvases are beautifully unresolved. They are richly developed, to be sure, drawing the viewer in with a deep intelligence and a palpable, warm magnetism, mirroring Meyer’s studious affection for his sitters (all of whom are close friends or family members). But at the heart of each canvas there is also a different kind of respect – a gentle silence, the artist’s acknowledgement that our desire to understand those around us can never be fully consummated, that the best we can hope for are halting, humble steps towards genuine comprehension.

This modesty has a rich philosophical background. It recalls Søren Kierkegaard’s description of ideal observers of humanity: “those who eminently know how to delve searchingly and penetratingly into the inner being, these very people judge with such infinite caution, or refrain from it entirely because, enriched by observation, they have developed a conception of the enigmatic world of the hidden . . .” Kierkegaard understands that every human being is ultimately fathomless, and yet we have a native desire – and even a moral duty – to try to understand the people around us. Joshua Meyer’s lifetime of painting, from his childhood in Lubbock, TX, through his studies at Yale and Bezalel, to the home and studio he shares with his wife and children in Cambridge, MA, has produced a series of fearless, affectionate attempts to understand, in paint, as much as we humans are able.

Joshua Meyer is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2008, a Massachusetts Cultural Council Painting Fellowship in 2010, and a grant from the Sustainable Arts Foundation in 2011.




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