Writhe & Resolve: Aspects of Arcadia

September 01 - October 12, 2017 Request information about this piece


New paintings by Aristotle Forrester


Artist Statement:

The human species originates in an abstract, organic ferment. Since emerging from these humble beginnings we have often felt the urge to craft narratives of Eden, or Arcadia – arcane, paradisiacal landscapes that recall a nature untouched by the power of human hands

This body of work explores viewers’ propensity to find natural forms in my paintings, and in so doing, create infinitesimal landscapes for their minds to explore. The viewer is invited to react emotionally, and through that interaction with the painting, their mind unfurls into the interior expanse of these emanating enclosures.

Fusing Post-War abstract expressionism with the soft and measured sensibilities of Renaissance landscape painting, I strive to create precise abstract paintings that are half realistic, and half hallucinations of a dimension within the subconscious.

Within these works, there is conceptual backbone of biblical narratives such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Native American folklore about the time before humans, and the process of energy dispersing through the universe as told in the Tao Te Ching.

The viewer is at liberty to explore these spaces along their own path. What you see and what you take is yours. These expanses are meant to be lived in and lived with. They are a contemporary reincarnation of the myths and processes that predate and ground the modern man.



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